I have worked for the last 12 years as a Plants Operations Manager with responsibility of 8 plant locations. During this time I have found many things that I liked and disliked about Operations. One thing I HATED was the release agents that we had tried and the people that were selling them. I never found a product that worked well with modified asphalts that didn't result in buildup in the truck beds. And with that build up in the truck beds, it means that the trucks were wasting $1.30 a minute as they picked away at that bed out at the spray rack and CRIED to the plant operator to the point of driving him crazy. I found a product that impressed me to the point that I bought the product patent and the sales company that was selling it. It is this product, ECONOPAVE 1000, that started us out in the release agent business. We are presently being used from Maine to Washington to Florida and a lot of states in between.

I beleive that after you sit down and look at your cost per ton and the cost of your trucking savings that you will take a look at our product. We deliver the most cost effective release agent that WORKS. Please feel free to contact us about a quote and a not to exceed cost per ton for this coming season.