GREENSTREETTM – The projects that have been placed in Ohio that are the first ones for our regional distributors. They have had a great experience with their first few applications and are looking forward to expanding the percentage of GREENSTREETTM Asphalt materials placed. With Ohio as our first location of regional distributors, we are looking to expand to the surrounding states for additional regional distributorships. 

GREENSTREETTM – What makes it different from other products? For one, you are the manufacturer of the product that you are placing. Also you getting and keeping what you spray without evaporation. And the long-term benefits for your customers may be its most important contribution to your and their highway needs. GREENSTREETTM will go down on your most distressed pavement and will seal the cracks to prevent water penetration and damage. The pavement can move and shift with the winter freeze thaw cycles but when spring comes, the product will heal the cracks and hold the pavement together.

GREENSTREETTM Another benefit is its application temperature. This product is sprayed at 275F to 300F. There is no curing time to wait for, once the chips are applied and the liquid cooled, it is ready to open to traffic again, which is usually only a matter of minutes. GREENSTREETTM is not a one product for all applications. The product you receive will be designed for your application and needs. It is this commitment and our unique product that sets us apart from other producers.

GREENSTREETTMWe are a company that enables todays highways to be preserved in a Green manner and saves both money and resources. With the application of GREENSTREETTM you will see a material that performs like the old cutback asphalts, with out the release of VOC's and other environmental hazards into our world. You know from the use of the newer products that the film thickness that you are use to seeing with chip seals just isn't there any more. With less film thickness comes less protection of the resources that you are trying to preserve.

GREENSTREETTM – When you become a regional distrubitor you are now in charge of your product production. No more waiting for a plant to open to make your product in the spring or shutting down early in the season when you have customers and projects left with warm days slowly going away. We will ship the GREENSTREETTM additive directly to you and all you need to do is add the asphalt. Each project will need to be evaluated to see what the recomended blending percentage will be, and then you just add asphalt and mix. Along with the patented product we also have a patent on the process of application that will be spelled out in the manual that you will receive for the GREENSTREETTM Asphalt product distrubution region. There is very little you will have to change the way you do business, except to make more money. With GREENSTREETTM you will enjoy a product that will cost you less money per application because of ZERO loss of product through evaporation.