We are a company that enables todays highways to be preserved in a Green manner and saves both money and resources. With the application of GREENSTREETTM you will see a material that performs like the old cutback asphalts, with out the release of VOC's and other environmental hazards into our world. You know from the use of the newer products that the film thickness that you are use to seeing with chip seals just isn't there any more. With less film thickness comes less protection of the resources that you are trying to protect.With GREENSTREETTM you will enjoy a product that will cost you less money per application because of ZERO loss of product through evaporation.  

Econopave 1000

With our Econopave 1000 Asphalt release agent you have the chance to finialy have a biodegradable product available for you and your customers that will work on modified asphalt mixes. With this product you will see your trucks hauling mix instead of sitting on the side of the road or at the plant picking away at their truck beds. With the cost of todays trucks at $1.30 a minute or more, it don't take long for a quality release agent to pay for itself. Let us have the chance to prove to you that we have a product that realy does work!